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Estate Planning

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Tennessee Estate Planning

Security for the Things and People You Care About

Trying to plan your estate on your own leads to confusion, which may result in misunderstandings and overlooked assets or taxes. Professional assistance ensures that your assets are all taken care of efficiently and with less stress for you.

Burkhalter & Associates PC is both a Legal and CPA firm. Our experienced staff is well versed in the financial and legal aspects of estate planning, and our clients in Maryville and Nashville benefit from this dual expertise.

Find out what our firm can do for your estate when you schedule a consultation today.

Comprehensive Estate Planning Services

We understand how important it is for you to see that your estate is managed the way you want it. We take the time to get a full picture of your estate and work with you to devise a plan that includes everything that matters to you.

Once we’ve identified your goals, we create a team as needed to handle the various legal, financial, and tax-related aspects of your estate. You’ll receive various estate planning options and can select the one that most appeals to your needs.

Our goal is to not only prepare your estate for your departure but to create safeguards for unexpected events, which includes putting an executor in place to manage your estate if you are unable to do so. We also assist with the creation and amendment of documents, including wills, trusts, and power of attorney.

Another important goal is ensuring that your loved ones are secure in your absence. We make arrangements to minimize your tax liability, debts, and other expenses to lessen the burden on your inheritors.

Other estate planning services we provide include:

  • Living wills and trusts
  • Lifetime family wealth transfers
  • Philanthropic and charitable donation planning
  • Family partnerships and business relationships

Count on Us to Uphold Your Wishes

At Burkhalter & Associates PC, we put all of our resources into helping you achieve your goals. From estate planning to tax preparation, we have the expertise you need to make the most of your finances, and we make it easy for you to understand your options.

Find out how we can help your unique financial situation. Contact us and schedule a consultation today!

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