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Burkhalter & Associates PC

COVID-19 Company Statement

Contact Us (865) 984-4080

We appreciate your continued cooperation and understanding of our business practices.  In an attempt to comply with Governor Lee’s Executive Order 23 regarding COVID-19, we are currently not accepting physical entrance to our offices.  We apologize for the inconvenience, and we continue to encourage you to stay in the safety of your home. 

For any document submission, we suggest utilizing our secure portal system at or  If you do not yet have a secure account with us, please call 865-984-4080.  Should you choose to place documentation in one of our physical drop boxes, we will call or email you with next step instructions, once we have reviewed your documents. 

Each of us at The Burkhalter Group are deeply moved that you entrust us with your family’s financial and legal security. We remain humbled to be at your service.

April 3, 2020


"The Burkhalter Group is committed to supporting our clients during these dynamic global times. Since 2014, our companies have utilized encrypted, on-line document transfer and portal systems for our distance clientele.

These are robust, secured systems capable of fully accommodating the digital needs of our local clients who would like to take advantage of digital options for document transfer and filings.

We can fully support and service your tax, legal, bookkeeping, payroll and business needs through these applications. These digital services are complimentary for our clientele.

Video conferencing with us is readily accessible in addition to conference calling should you require consultation or strategic planning meetings that are typically done in office. If you are interested in enrollment during these impactful times, contact us at 865.984.4080 or so we can support the strength and resiliency of your business and family.”

Tab Burkhalter, Esq., CPA, MBA
March 12, 2020