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2020 Tax Return Documents/ Tax Preparation Checklist

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What documents do we need from you, to prepare tax return on your behalf? Reevaluate if you have these tax return documents ready, for us to file your taxes with ease.

Choose the type of return to find out:

2020 Personal - List of documents for filing Tax Return

  • Driver’s License of each filer
1. Any 1098 – Mortgage Statements
2. Any 1099 – Int Statement
3. Any 1099 – DIV  Statements
4. Donation receipts
5. Medical/Dental/Vision out of pocket expenses
6. Medical/Dental/Vision premium payments (1095 Statements from the marketplace)
7. Any 1099-R statements
8. Amount of any estimated tax payments made
9. Any Contributions to SIMPLE, SEP, or Roth IRAs
10. Any alimony paid and to whom
11. Any 1099-B from sale of stock
12. Information on any purchases or sales of personal property
13. Dependent information (D.O.B., SS#, names)

2020 Business - List of documents for filing Tax Return

  • Driver’s License of authorized filer
       1. A Profit and Loss Statement if available.
       2. List of depreciable assets for the business
       3. Square footage of home/square footage of space used as office
       4. Mileage driven for business purposes
       5. Any expenses for the business
a) Insurance
b) Licenses
c) Fee
d) Dues and Subscriptions
e) Auto Expenses
f)  Bank Charges
g) Advertising/Marketing/Promotion
h) Office expenses/supplies
i) Cell phone
j) Internet
k) Rent
l) Accounting/Legal Expenses
m) Any other supplies
n) Education expenses
o) Travel Expenses
p) Uniforms (business clothing) – Dry Cleaning
q) Meals and/or entertainment expenses associated with business and/or clients
r) Any taxes paid pertaining to the business
s) Any other expenses that you think may qualify for a deduction
t) $100 minimum FAE payment

       If anyone else created your company:
       1. Creation Documentation
       2. EIN
       3. Date of creation
       4. State Account numbers
       5. Officers of the company
       6. Owners of the company, with addresses, SSNs, and ownership percentages
       7. S-Corp or C-Corp election form

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